Finally we have finished our Touch Footy unit of work in P.E. It was enjoyable and fun, even though we were out in the bad weather. I slipped over 3 times in 1 hour! In touch football, there are two teams, one of them attacks and one of them defends. The people who attack have to run back 5 meters each time the other team gets tagged. You get 6 tags before it is a turnover witch means that the other teams becomes the defenders. It is a bit confusing, because you have to get the ball of the line to get a tri.

Every year at my school, year levels p – 6 all do up to 3 weeks of skipping. The reason we do this at the same time each year is because there is a special program called ‘jump rope for heart’. ‘jump rope for heart’ raises money for the National Heart Foundation. It is a great way to get some exercise, as well as help people with heart problems.

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