Hello again!

In art this term we have been working on mosaics. We started by researching different types of mosaics and putting them on a word document. It was really fun, because the next step was to choose a tile and draw our design on it. I drew an apple, because I wanted to give it to my Mum. I coloured it in with crayons, and then Mrs Cairney got out the special glue and I started. It took a while, but eventually I got all of my tiles stuck on. I found it a bit tricky trying to get all of the right pieces! Once we had done that, our class moved on to grouting! We used our fingers to push it into the cracks and smooth the edges. As a finished product, mine looked amazing!

Stars, stars and more stars!

This year, our school will be contributing to the Woodend Children’s Festival One Million Stars installation.  Each grade level at New Gisborne Primary School is going to make at least one star out of colourful ribbons. They are going to be displayed at the Woodend Children’s Festival. These woven stars will represent light, hope and courage to end all forms of violence, including violence against woman.


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