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Oh No! This task is a lot trickier than I thought!
Throughout our passive energy project, we have had to do number of different things. We had to read some text about houses that have passive energy designs, do some research on the internet and do lots of designing. We got into groups of four, and I was with Victoria, Ashton and Talon. We worked together really well, but sometimes we would make mistakes that annoy everyone else. When one of our teammates accidentally deleted his notebook on Passive Energy, the rest of us got really frustrated. We did the majority of our work on OneNote, a computer program. OneNote was really good, and we could insert pictures and tables into it. Our first task was to create a word document and choose four questions to ask. Then we had to find out the information that answered all of them. Once all of our group had finished that, we moved on to picking 5 pictures that we thought were good. Our whole group had to decide and agree on them. We also had to then type what the passive design features were on ll of them. This bit was quite fun, and my teammates and I quickly did this. We were on to the planning bit of the task! 

When my group was doing the plans, we had Victoria doing the cross section, Talon doing the east elevation, Ashton drawing the birds eye view and me drawing the north elevation. When I was drawing the north elevation, I had to focus really hard to make sure all my lines were straight, and that everyone else in the group agreed on it. I know that the others were having trouble too, so once I had finished, I helped everyone else. A north elevation means the view of the house from the north. The cross section is when you imagine what the house looks like from the inside when you chop it in half. East elevation is the same as the north one, except that you look at it from the east. Birds eye view is when you see a house from in the air, like you’re a bird looking down on the roof. This was supposed to be the easiest one, but Ashton found it quite hard.

Next, we got up to building (finally), we found that no one in our whole group had brought anything for us to build with! It was a disaster! I couldn’t believe it, because now we had 2 hours, and we couldn’t build anything. Luckily, some of the staff that work in the office at school had some old boxes that they weren’t using. Fantastic!

By the end of the building process, our house was looking good, but our solar panels did not really work because our light did not turn on. Our gutters were also leaking, so we didn’t catch much water in our water tanks! Most of the people in my group thought we had failed, but I thought that it was actually better than I thought it would turn out to be.

During this task, we used a technology process. Here are the things included in doing this: We had to design, then plan, then build, then test, next we analyse, then we modify, then we do it all again! My favourite part of the project was when we did the building process. It was really fun and exciting, because when ever something did not work or failed, the rest of the group would all laugh. Next time, I think we should use big pipes or hoses for our gutters because the cardboard leaked and got soaked! I was good at the word documents, but not so good at the building and designing. I was absolutely horrible at wiring the solar panels!

Capture 4

Word Document 1

Word Document 2 

I would love to hear from the rest of 5B about what they thought of the project!

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