Leg 3 (Paris)

Our leg three of he amazing race is Paris! I couldn’t wait until we got on the train, and traveled to Gard du Nord aboard the EuroSar! A EuroStar is a super high speed train that travels really fast across all the countries in Europe! The things that we had to collect for this task was pictures of the St Pancreas International Station, Gard Du Nord and the EuroStar high speed train! After we got off the train, we travel by rail to St Michel station and then to Citadines Saint Germain des Pres. We collected a street view of where we went for lunch, and then we were all set to go off to Champes Elysees where we visited the Louis Vuitton store and purchased something for the special woman in our life (Mum!).

We then went to Musee d’Orsay and stole a copy of starry night, but replaced it with a fake. We found a restaurant for dinner that served escargot, (which is a plate of snails!) and this is what we had for dinner. For our challenge, we had to write a script of what we would say if we walked into a ice cream shop. We also had to create 4 where’s Wally pictures with a Paris background.

I found this leg the easiest so far, and I think that was because all of our group was here for all of it. My group worked really well together and we finished in 3 hours and 56 minutes. We all focused on what we were supposed to be doing and helped each other when we needed it. I really liked the way I set my evidence page out, because it made it ever so easy to navigate. Next time, I think our goal might be to have each person work on something, like the time or cost, and then if they finish that then they could help the others. Here is the link to my Word Document:

Paris Leg

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