Leg 2 (London)

Guess what! For the next leg of the Amazing Race, we are going to London! My group, (Bec, Ruby, Gemma and me), were so excited and couldn’t wait to get started! The first thing we did was fly to London, Heathrow Airport. Then we collected baggage tags from the internet and pasted our names on them. Once we were in London, we made our way to Citadines, and booked for one night. We had lunch and then took the bus to Hamley’s. I bought a Magic Light Set that looked awesome, and I even sent a postcard home to my brother and told him!

We couldn’t believe our luck! A last minute invite to dine with the duke and duchess awaited us when we got back! We dined for 3 hours and our dinner costed us 287 dollars! Finally we went to bed after an exciting tour on the London Eye!

The next day we packed up, checked out of Citadines and went to Madame Tussaud’s. I got a photo snapped of me with Usaine Bolt and Gemma got one with Katy Perry. My group visited Big Ben and then had a tour of he Royal palace. Lastly, we walked to the National gallery.

For our team challenge, we had to sing ‘Food Glorious  Food’ to everyone. We won the challenge, and got a pass for anything so we didn’t have to spend money! I think we won because we went to Bec’s house and practiced, and we put in some actions!

I really enjoyed doing this second leg of the race, and I thought it was easier than the first one. My group worked well together, but we had some of our group away, so we would have finished before 3 hours and 53 minutes. I really liked he way the teachers set this leg out, and I found the word document easy to navigate and understand. My team still needs to work on doing the times, because only Bec knows how to do them and if she is away, then we would be stuck.

Here is a link to my worksheet that has all my information recorded on it: racelondon

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