Leg 1 (Sydney)

We have finally started Leg 1 in the Amazing Race! The first thing my group did was decide where to meet before we caught the taxi. Then we went to the airport and got a flight ticket for JQ 504. Once we were in Sydney we found a hotel and ate some lunch at Hardrock. It was really fun even though we weren’t actually there! Next we went to Luna Park! We stayed there for 3 hours and went on 5 rides! Then we took a ride on the ferry back to our hotel and had dinner at the Sydney Tower! Now we were in Day 2 of the leg.

I couldn’t believe it when we found out that we were going to Taronga  Zoo! We stayed for two hours and got a map that showed all of the animals. Then we climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge and got our photo taken at he top. We headed out to the Sydney Tower bridge after we went jet boating.

As part of our Sydney Leg of the Amazing Race, we have decided to write a short recount of our pretend climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Here is my piece of writing:

Seagulls soared over my head as the butterflies in my tummy turned into elephants. I could see the waves crashing into the clear water and disappearing like magic into bubbly, white froth. Boats were drifting through the water calmly and smoothly as if they were a swan. I would much prefer to be riding on a boat, but I can’t back out now! Cars, buses and trucks were rumbling noisily along the road underneath me. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed as I looked down into the salty air and petrol fumes below. I felt my knuckles whiten and my breathing getting heavy as I took a step on to the Sydney Harbour Bridge! I was glad that there was a cold, metal rail that I could hold on to. I could hear the instructor giving us some advice but the wind was rushing past so fast that I couldn’t hear a word!  A few more steps and I would be at the top. I looked out over the railing a saw the most breathtaking view awaiting me. The opera house, glinting bright white in the sun. The amazing skyscrapers, towering over the city of Sydney. Helicopters and planes are whizzing through the chilly air and I am feeling like I am on top of the world . . .

In the Leg 1 task, my team went really well, because we were the first finished. We finished in 32 minutes and 3 hours. We spent $2, 573. 10. We worked really well because we had Bec and Ruby w doing the research, Gemma doing the itinerary sheet and I was doing the pictures. That was really fun and I’m glad I got picked to go with this group. Here is a work sheet that includes the itinerary and the pictures:

Syndey Leg 

One thought on “Leg 1 (Sydney)

  1. Wow, Ruby!
    That reflection was amazing. I loved every bit of it. Your descriptive words really stood out! If I had read this and I didn’t know about the Amazing Race, I would have thought that you were actually there! This is one of your best writing pieces by far! Great work, Ruby.
    Bec 🙂

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