Today I woke up and I was too excited to get back to sleep. We are heading off on our road trip soon! Everyone else was already up, packing last minute things, putting everything in the car, feeding the sheep, filling up the buckets of water for our chickens or, in Fintan’s case, annoying everyone. We decided over breakfast that we would leave at 9:30, but as 9:30 came and went, we left at quarter past eleven. Finally, we hit the road and started the nine hour drive to Adelaide. Our first stop was Ararat, because everyone needed to stretch their legs. We got back in the car and I saw a hill full of wind turbines, two extinct volcanoes and lots of roads being built. We also passed the Grampians, which are massive rock formations. They were really cool, and there were lots of different coloured rocks. Our next stop was Dadswell Bridge, and we saw the ‘Big Koala’. It is really big, and apparently it was built in 1988, and the shop owner stirred all the buckets of bronze and fibre glass by herself.
The old lady who worked at the souvenir shop was very grumpy. When I said “hello”, she merely grunted and turned her back to me. The shop was full of really awesome key rings, post cards, stuffed teddies, and lots of other things.
After that, every thing got really really really really really boring. Mum finally let us open the packet of lollies that we brought, and we shared them. We passed fields of bright yellow canola, and billions of cute little lambs. It is soooo sunny and warm up here!
It started to get dark when we go on the highway to Adelaide. We drove down a very steep hill and after that we could smell the brakes because they were very hot. (They had to brake the camper trailer as well as the car). That’s when we saw a sign that read ‘Glenelg’ which is where we are staying. I like the name “Glenelg”, because it is a palendrome! It started to rain a bit, so we decided to stay in a hotel instead. Fintan and I shared a massive room including an ensuite, and tomorrow morning we are going to wake up extra early (which can’t be too difficult, SA is half an hour behind us!) and go to the pool.



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