Have you got any Circus Skills?

Can you juggle? Can you balance? Can you hula hoop?

Today at 10:00 my class, 6C, walked down to the gymnasium for our first Artist In Schools lesson. When we got there our circus teacher, Erika, gave us a demonstration. First was the Devil Sticks, have you heard of them before? There are two rubbery sticks that you hold parallel to each other, and one in the middle that has pom poms on the end. By the end of the lesson, I could do all sorts of tricks, including swinging them around in circles, throwing the middle one up and catching it again, and rolling it down my arms to my chin. The Devil Sticks were my favourite, closely followed by juggling. We had to juggle scarfs, because apparently they were easier to learn. I could throw one up, then another, then catch the first one, throw the last one up and catch the remaining ones. Finally, our last one was the Poys, also known as colourful ribbons. They were not nearly as fun as the other two. You slip them on two of you fingers and then swirl them around, making patterns. It was fairly easy, but sometimes you got whacked by the sand bags at the start of them. Erika was a really good teacher, and when we come back next week she said that we do new skills with new instruments. I cant wait!

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