Digital Footprint

I believe that a digital footprint is were someone from anywhere in the world can follow what you do on the internet and track you down. This means that they can find all your personal details like where you live and your full name. So you might think that you are safe by telling someone trustworthy, but anyone could access that information! Once you put something on the internet, you can’t take it back or delete it!

‘Digital Footprint’  is the data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment; including the use of television, mobile phones and the internet.Basically if you are walking around with one of those devices above, each step you take is leaving a ‘Digital Footprint’. This is because no matter where you are with one of these devices, someone, somewhere knows what you are doing, saying, or simply where you

Information from Emma’s Blogfolio.

I have also discovered that you need a safe password. Something that you can remember but something that know one else can guess. If people find out your password, they can log in to any private/personal things. If I was you, I would watch out and make sure you use the internet properly!

Here are some useful and helpful websites that relate to digital footprints and are kid friendly!


03/23/week-3-leaving-footprints/ – this site contains a short video



Digital Footprint

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