Criteria Rubric

Tricky Teamwork!

“No, that’s wrong!”

“That doesn’t go there!”

“Come on, we have got to get this completed by the end of the day!”

My group, Bec, Eliza, Ruby and I, were sitting in the middle of the floor, trying to decide where to put the information. Our task was to cut out all of the blog features and paste them in columns according to if they were excellent or horrible. The columns were 1 star ( new blogger), 2 stars (beginner blogger), 3 stars (accomplished blogger) and 4 stars (expert blogger). It was tricky, and we had lots of trouble trying to figure out what columns to put things in. We agreed on somethings, and we had to re-stick and stick them on multiple times!But, we finally finished! . . . . .

Some of the habits of the mind I had to use were Organisation, to keep things neat, Interdependent, to work as a team, and Persistence, to be successful. The project was really fun, and overall I thought my teammates and I worked really well. It was a bit difficult, but I liked it.

Grade 5 blogging criteria sheet

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