What ARE You?

Hello again,

Guess what my class has been doing over the past few weeks? We have been writing ‘I am’ poems! I am poems are simple; you have to think of a thing that you are good at, eg funny, and that is you’re repeat line for it. Here is the criteria that everyone doing an I am poem has to follow.

i am

First Verse:

I am

I wonder

I hear

I see

I want

I am (repeat line)

Second Verse:

I pretend

I feel

I touch

I worry

I cry

I am (repeat line)

I understand

I say

I dream

I try

I hope

I am (repeat line)

Now, I’m sure you guys are all thinking, “this is going to be really hard”, but it is actually sooooo easy. Here is my poem to give you a few ideas: I am a Reader

Hope you enjoy making them!

If you do end up writing an ‘I am Poem’, I would love to hear them!




Healthy Bodies!

Hi guys,

Last week all of the grade 5’s started a poster on our physical profile. Physical Profile Poster. It had to be A3 and it included the following; what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Any snacks I eat during the day, exercise (formal and informal), and how many hours I sleep. We also had to have a small box for our height. Our last box was our fitness testing, and we went outside to do this:

For our fitness testing, as a class we did these 6 things: we did the sit & reach, pulse rate, balance on one leg, sit ups, 20 metre sprint and beep test. The sit & reach tests our flexibility, the pulse rate tests our aerobic fitness, the balance tests our balance, the sit ups tests our core strength, the beep test tests our cardio respitory endurance, and the 20 metre sprint tests our speed. Below is a table I made, and it shows how well I did.

Sit & Reach Test Left Leg 17 cm +
Right Leg 16 cm +
Both Legs 18 cm +
Balance On One Leg Test Left Leg 3 minutes
Right Leg 3 minutes
Pulse Rate Test Resting Pulse 10 sec – 10 1 min – 60
1 min Star Jumps 10 sec – 18 1 min – 108
Sit Ups Test 1 minute 18 Sit Ups
20 metre Sprint 20 metres 3.94 seconds
Beep Test Endurance 8.9 beeps

SLEEP: The required hours of sleep for my age is 10 – 11 hours. I believe I am getting 11 hours of sleep because I go to sleep at 9:00 and I wake up at 8:00. Almost 12 hours!!!

PULSE RATE: The resting pulse rate for the children my age is 60 – 100 beats per minute. My heart beats exactly 60 times a minute – 10 times in ten seconds!

Overall, I think that I eat pretty healthily. I have a sandwich everyday, lots of fruit everyday and some veggies. I am allergic to dairy, nuts, egg and sesame, so I am missing  a lot of calcium. I love ice cream though!

Here are 10 interesting facts about vitamins and minerals:

  1. ‘Vita’ means life
  2. Vitamin D was  found to cure rickets, a bone deformity disease
  3. There are 13 vitamins all together
  4. All the vitamins were finally discovered in the 1930’s
  5. Vitamins are divided into two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble.
  6. We can make Vitamin D from the amount of sunlight on our skin
  7. Vitamin A maintains healthy skin and eyes
  8. Minerals form a body’s backbone
  9. Calcium – Forms the structure of bones and teeth; assists nerve function, muscle contraction, enzyme activity and blood clotting.
  10. Iron – Transports oxygen around the body via red blood cells; important part of many enzymes and muscle protein.

These facts came from this website: http://www.healthyfood.co.nz/articles/2006/december/the-facts-about-vitamins-and-minerals

How many Vitamins and Minerals do you think you get?

How much exersise do you do?

Do you walk to and from school?



An Eggy Puzzle . . .

What is a Tangram? 

A tangram is a puzzle in which the person with the tangrams tells a story using the 7 pieces. It is a very old puzzle, and the original tangrams are put together to make a square. There are now lot’s of different types of tangram puzzles all over the world, some forming the shapes of triangles, some forming the shapes of stars. All of the pieces put together make an animal to tell a story.  Tangrams originated from China, and became very popular throughout  the world during WW1.

Above and below are the original tangram pieces and the animals they can form.

Egg Of Columbus Puzzle

The Egg of Columbus puzzle is another tangram, this time forming the shape of an egg when put together. It is divided into 9 pieces, (not 7!), by straight cuts. You can make 6 tangram pictures with it but also many more. Here is a picture of it and the puzzles you can make:

What We Did

Since the first week back, grade 5B have been focusing on the Egg of Columbus tangram. We have been spending endless sessions trying to work out how to rearrange the puzzle pieces to form the shapes shown above. It has been very tricky, because there was surprisingly  a lot of maths involved. We had to flip, slide and turn the puzzle pieces to fit in order to complete the task. In other words, (and more mathematical words!), we had to rotate, translate AND reflect!

Here is one of the solutions I have manages to find:

tangram solution


My Reflection

I think I did really well in this task because I managed to complete all six of the puzzles with a little help from Miss Hunichen and a few of my class mates. I had to persist and strive for accuracy to complete this problem. Here is a link to a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reflection that I have made: Tangrams Reflection 54321

Enjoy this link to a game I found on the internet: http://www.mathplayground.com/tangrams.html

For 5B – How many tangram puzzles did you find? 

Did you have any help?





Blogging Rubric

Guess what! I have had my bog for two terms! It has flown past so quickly that I can’t even remember what grade 5B did at the start of term 2. I was so happy to finally have my own blog, but then I realized that it was going to be really hard work, because you had to keep up with all your work! Today I have gone back in time to try and recreate our learning in term to into a blog post in term 4. So here goes!

The Blogging Rubric:

Earlier on in the year, grade 5B got into groups of 3 or 4 to cut and paste some examples of blogging into their right category. I was with Eliza, Bec, Ruby and I and we worked together really well. If you look back through all of my blog posts, you’ll come across one that explains a lot about this activity. We got it done really quickly and it was so fun to do. Here is a link to the post that I have previously put up: http://ecafos.global2.vic.edu.au/blogging/criteria-rubric/

After That:

Since we created that rubric, I have been trying to reach expert blogger by informing my readers, adding images and pictures, making sure my blog is easy to navigate, and by putting in links. I have almost achieved my goal and I am in between accomplished blogger and expert blogger. Here is my link to my evidence Word document: Evidence Document

Here is my rubric criteria sheet:

Grade 5 Blogging Criteria Sheet

How Many Times Do I Post?

Going back through my blog, I have found that I post an average of 5.2 blog posts a month!

In May I posted 3 times,

In June I posted 4 times,

In July I posted 6 times,

In August I posted 5 times,

In September I posted 6 times,

And in October, I posted 5 times!

 Mum or Dad, how would you rate me as a blogger?

What do you think my blogging achievements are this year?


Too Hot!

All students form grades 3 – 6 at my school participated in Orienteering. We hopped into the buses and headed off to Tony Clark reserve. Unfortunately, the schools picked a boiling hot day to do it on, and it was 30 degrees! When we got there, there were already 3 other schools on the oval. We sat down on a grassy bit of the oval and a teacher from one of the other schools came over to talk to us. He told us what the Orienteering markers looked like, and what we would do if we got lost. Then we all got into groups and picked a map to start with.

I was with Bec and Ruby. There were 15 markers that we had to find on the map we had chosen, number twelve. We agreed to do 5 each, and Bec started. By the time we got to number 4 on the map, we were heading into the forest. There were pine trees everywhere! We made sure we stuck to the tracks, but we didn’t have to worry about getting lost, because there were people coming past on the tracks every few minutes. There were motor bikes, cars, and even a horse and cart!

After we finished number 6, I saw my friends from Macedon Grammar go past. I waved to them, and their names were Ellie and Sarah. Ellie used to go to my school, and I know Sarah from Gymnastics training. When it was my go, I realized that the orange markers that hung on trees, on fences and around buildings had sharp points, to pierce the paper and leave a pattern.

When we had finally finished all of the numbers, and we had gotten used to the heat, (almost), we sat down in the shade with Gemma, Vic and Kim. Everyone was sitting down within the hour and then our school decided to leave.

Super Sports!

“Any minute now, we can’t be that far off!”

“I’m boiling hot!”

“Wait in line and be patient, grade 5’s!”

Aaarggghh! I hope we’re there soon, it is really hot and my hat is sticking to my head!

All the grade 5’s and 6’s were lining up on the outside of the gym, waiting to go in for Coach Approach. Coach Approach is a fun athletic thing that our school does. They get some coaches from different sports in to teach us about them. This year we had hip hop, soccer, handball, basketball, tiquando and Frisbee.

We started at hip hop, which was taking place in Mrs Kanes room. It was really fun and we learnt how to do the helicopter and a short routine. Miss Hunichen was even taking photos, but I’m pretty sure the boys weren’t too happy about that.

After hip hop, we did basketball. We got into teams of two, and I was with Ruby W. We got challenges and the first one was to dribble the ball up and down the gym. It was really challenging!

After that we did Frisbee, then soccer, then tiquando, and finally handball. It was the best!

Dialogue & Conversation

In class this week, we have been learning about dialogue, used in conversation. One of the activities we have done today was when Miss Hunichen gave us a picture and we had to write a short story about it. Most of the writing had to be in dialogue, but we were allowed to set the scene. Here is my masterpiece:

Every ball in the playground was whizzing over trees and the wind was howling like a pack of wolfs. A group of school kids had gathered around in a circle, all looking and watching two kids who were arguing.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t want your dirty germs!”

“Well, stay away from me then,” the girl replied.

“Why can’t you just mind your own business!”

Suddenly, a girl from the crowd stepped in and started cheering.

“Fight, fight, fight!” The crowd roared.

More children evacuated the swings and the monkey bars.

“Fight, fight, fight!”

James looked Sophie directly in the eyes, and they slowly started circling each other.

“Come on, are you going to do anything or what?” James shouted.

“Uh, um, I don’t really want to . . .” Sophie trailed off.

“”Fight, fight, fight!” The crowd was getting bigger, louder and then . . .

“OUCH!” Sophie cried. Right then a teacher, Mrs Metrovic, stepped in and broke up the fight.

“Everyone is to go to the gym NOW!” She announced.

While we were reading Wonder, (our class novel), we also wrote a conversation that we predicted would happen between two of the characters, Via and Miranda. Here is mine:

She looked at me in the mirror. “Why are you doing this, Miranda?”

“Your family are here in the audience, Via,” I murmured. “They’re there for you and they WANT to watch you.

“What do you mean Miranda, you parents are there as well”, Via answered.

“No they’re not! You don’t understand, Via!” Miranda yelled back.

“What don’t I understand, Miranda?” Via asked.

“You don’t get it, my parents are divorced, and my mum and dad don’t even care about me anymore!” Miranda explained with tears forming in her eyes and Via could tell she was trying not to cry.

“I’m sorry, Miranda.”

“No, I should be sorry”, Miranda corrected, “I can’t believe I said all those things about you!” Your’re lucky to have a brother like Augie”, Miranda said, “I wish I had a family like yours.”

“Well, what things did you say about me then,” Via asked. A long silence followed.

“I . . . I kind of told everyone at camp that I had a deformed brother. I don’t know why, I just did. It transferred me into some sort of popular girl and I don’t even have an explanation for why I died my hair pink.”

“Hurry up now girls! Via, you’re supposed to be on stage in 2 minutes!” Mr Davenport screeched at them.



To The Zoo We Come!

Finally it’s the school holidays! They couldn’t come quick enough for me!

During the first week, I was lucky enough to go to the Melbourne Zoo. My friend Gemma came with us, but I think everyone took advantage of the nice weather on Tuesday because it was a total traffic jam when we tried to drive in. It took us twenty minutes to just find a park, but then mum said that we should queue up around the back because it would be quicker. Sure enough, we grabbed a map and some of the zoo brochures and rushed out towards the reptile house. My brother, Fintan, brought a friend as well and his name was Jacob, and he told us he was really good at reading a map, so he started with it while Fintan was holding the bag that had the drink bottles in it.

Jacob directed us to the reptile house and we saw lots of animals including snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs. It was really dark in there, and there were some tanks that had mysterious purple lamps lighting up the room. We stepped out into the blinding sunshine and then swapped over the map and the bag. Now Gemma chose to visit the giant turtles, that were really boring because they didn’t do anything but sleep. After some wandering around, we ended up looking at the Australian animals. We saw koalas, emus, wombats and Tasmanian devils while we were following the trail.

Once we had finished looking at them, everyone started to get hungry. Yet again, we swapped the bag and the map around and found a place to sit down. It was on a big grassy area where there were lots of busy families and stalls selling food and drinks around it. Mum gave us some money to buy an icy pole each and then we watched everyone go passed and looked at the map that I was now holding to see where we wanted to go next. I suggested that we go to the hippos, but Fintan wanted to see the crocodiles. Mum then said that we could visit three more animals and then we had to go home. We wandered over to where the crocodiles rested and  Gemma and I looked at the penguins, who were playing cheerfully in an enclosure next to the crocs. They were so cute! When it was time to go home, we had a competition to see who could find out car amongst the sea of colours that were all parked around ours. Gemma won and soon we were heading back home. At least there were other things to look forward to for the rest of the holidays!

Colourful Cars!

Over the past few weeks, all of the grade 5’s at my school have been working on a maths investigation. Our maths investigation was focused on the most popular car colour. We made a word document and wrote  heading, typed up our prediction and then said why we thought that. The next day, we all lined up outside our class rooms, and walked across the road and down to the train station. We carried our maths books with us, and we had drawn up a table to show our tallies. We tallied the cars that were parked along the street, the cars that were driving past and the cars that were at the train station parks. We worked in pairs, and I was with Chloe. Chloe is really good at maths, so I liked working with her. We both made sure we had exactly the same, so when we got back to school we counted them up. White was the most popular on our tally, with 87 cars. The total number of cars we tallied was 400! The rest of the work that me and Chloe did is on this word document: Car Colours – hope you enjoy it!

train statio cars