Lets Celebrate!

Yesterday our whole school was forced to sit outside on the oval in 32 degrees, and watch every single class perform songs. I am in grade 6C, so that meant that we were right at the back. And even worse, we couldn’t hear a thing because we had wind blowing from behind us.

Miss Wencel, our performing arts teacher, had put so much effort into organizing this, and it looked really good. There was a truck that folded out into a stage, and all of the performances were good. They were supposed to be kind of directed to us, because we have only got 3 weeks left before high school. The preps were my favourite, because they were all so cute singing ‘you are my sunshine’ and ‘you’ve got a friend in me’. After the preps it was us, and it was so fun that I almost felt sad when it had to finish. After our graduation song, which was a jumble of all different songs, the whole school sang ‘celebration’ but it was a bit embarrassing because the grade sixes mucked it up.

Kim, who was sitting next to me in the line, got so sun burnt that her whole shoulders were red (we had to dress semi formal, which unfortunately meant dresses or skirts.) And if it wasn’t enough just for one show, we had to do it twice!


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