Crack the Code!

Ok, so the past few days we have been doing a maths task where we have to find the value of or name using this code:

A .27
B .10
C .12
D .14
E .27
F .16
G .18
H .20
I .27
J .22
K .24
L .26
M .28
N .30
O .27
P .32
Q .34
R .36
S .38
T .40
U .27
V .42
W .44
X .46
Y .27
Z .48

I worked out that the value of my name is $4.03. Mrs Walker is the most valuable teacher and my mum is the most valuable in my family. My street value is $1.61 and my two pets are worth $1.46 and 91 cents The most expensive school around Gisborne is New Gisborne primary school.

What is the value of your name? Can you work it out?

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