Crack the Code!

Ok, so the past few days we have been doing a maths task where we have to find the value of or name using this code:

A .27
B .10
C .12
D .14
E .27
F .16
G .18
H .20
I .27
J .22
K .24
L .26
M .28
N .30
O .27
P .32
Q .34
R .36
S .38
T .40
U .27
V .42
W .44
X .46
Y .27
Z .48

I worked out that the value of my name is $4.03. Mrs Walker is the most valuable teacher and my mum is the most valuable in my family. My street value is $1.61 and my two pets are worth $1.46 and 91 cents The most expensive school around Gisborne is New Gisborne primary school.

What is the value of your name? Can you work it out?

1850’s Newspaper

Hey guys, this is my 1850’s newspaper:

A man; back moustache and bushy beard, taller than average and most likely carrying an empty sack. Reward is to be set. This man is charged for breaking into Sir John Huffuloo’s tent at dawn on the previous Friday. There appears to be nothing taken, and three troopers searched the tent and insist there is nothing unusual except for a broken candle. “I don’t have anything anyone would want!” Reports Sir John Huffuloo, “I haven’t found gold in months!
Written by Ruby Light