Crack the Code!

Ok, so the past few days we have been doing a maths task where we have to find the value of or name using this code:

A .27
B .10
C .12
D .14
E .27
F .16
G .18
H .20
I .27
J .22
K .24
L .26
M .28
N .30
O .27
P .32
Q .34
R .36
S .38
T .40
U .27
V .42
W .44
X .46
Y .27
Z .48

I worked out that the value of my name is $4.03. Mrs Walker is the most valuable teacher and my mum is the most valuable in my family. My street value is $1.61 and my two pets are worth $1.46 and 91 cents The most expensive school around Gisborne is New Gisborne primary school.

What is the value of your name? Can you work it out?

1850’s Newspaper

Hey guys, this is my 1850’s newspaper:

A man; back moustache and bushy beard, taller than average and most likely carrying an empty sack. Reward is to be set. This man is charged for breaking into Sir John Huffuloo’s tent at dawn on the previous Friday. There appears to be nothing taken, and three troopers searched the tent and insist there is nothing unusual except for a broken candle. “I don’t have anything anyone would want!” Reports Sir John Huffuloo, “I haven’t found gold in months!
Written by Ruby Light

Squabbling Colonies

Australia used to be separate colonies. They had different sized train tracks, (so you couldn’t go directly through to another colony), They didn’t share water/rivers and any other resources such as food, mines and precious things. Then people go t together and made a debate on if they became one nation. The colonies had to give up some of their power to do that though, so federation was less likely than unlikely. Each colony had their own difficulties. Tasmania was still getting over their big convict past, New South Wales was bragging about being the ‘Mother Colony’, Western Australia felt isolated from the rest of them, South Australia were proud about being settled by free settlers (not convicts), Victoria had flourished in the gold rush and their population had soared, Queensland were debating whether to divide into Northern, Southern and Central Queensland and Northern Territory felt neglected under South Australia’s control. Before federation happened, they made Melbourne the Capital City but that caused problems with the rest of the states. In 1901 when there was federation, they built Canberra, named it the Capital City, and made a government. They all lived happily ever after!

Australia’s Early History

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering how Australia got it’s name? Well, my class have been doing a little bit of research about it . . .

Mathew Flinders was the sailor who came up with the name Australia. It came from the Latin term ‘Terra Australis Ignota’ which means ‘Unknown Southern Land’.

Modern Australia began as a big prison for all of England’s Convicts. When people found gold in some parts of Australia, people from all over the world came by ship to strike rich. Unfortunately, most people didn’t find gold, but they still had to pay 30 shillings for a gold license. How unfair! Even if you weren’t digging, panning or mining, you still had to pay the fine if you didn’t have a license.

Miners and diggers everywhere around Ballarat didn’t want to pay for a licence, so they held a meeting by Bakery Hill. They burnt their licenses, elected a leader, (Peter Lorla), and built a fence around an area and raised the Eureka Flag. This was called the Eureka Stockade.

Lots of diggers died, and only 6 troopers were killed or injured. The Eureka Stockade led to Federation around 50 years later, when Australia became one nation.

This is Australia’s Early History . . .

Do you have any other facts about Australia’s Early History?