My Sovereign Hill Letter

Dear Ma’am or Sir,

I am so very grateful that you have accepted me into your Red Hill National School.

My name is Ruby, and I am almost twelve. I came from California, and I arrived on a clipper ship called Marco Polo. The trip to Melbourne was alright, because we travelled second class with the gold we found in California. My family and I had a cabin with bunk beds, but we had to share it with a mother and her screaming baby. My mother and father made some money on the ship, by selling apples to those who had scurvy. We went for seventy two days without seeing land.

The track to the diggings was scary, because even though there were no bushrangers around, I spotted blood on a few trees as we walked past. My family slept in swags full of dry leaves and feathers, and it was very comfy. One of us always had to stay awake, on the lookout for bushrangers, and it took a long time but eventually we got to the goldfields.

Now we are living in a small one roomed hut next to the six by six square metres that we are allowed to mine. I suppose it is a little bit small, but compared to the ragged old tent we had in California, it seemed like a palace.

My parents are very nice, my father is a gardener, and he can grow almost anything out the back of our home. My mother is a cook, and she just opened up her very fine cook shop, that I have to sweep every day.

I am an only child, so that means that I get a lot more jobs than most other children. Sometimes mother teachers me how to read and write, but it will be much easier to learn when I come to school. I am a hard worker, and I can cook like a lady. When I attend your Red Hill National School, I promise that all my homework will be done on time.

Yours sincerely,


sovereign hill letter

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