What ARE You?

Hello again,

Guess what my class has been doing over the past few weeks? We have been writing ‘I am’ poems! I am poems are simple; you have to think of a thing that you are good at, eg funny, and that is you’re repeat line for it. Here is the criteria that everyone doing an I am poem has to follow.

i am

First Verse:

I am

I wonder

I hear

I see

I want

I am (repeat line)

Second Verse:

I pretend

I feel

I touch

I worry

I cry

I am (repeat line)

I understand

I say

I dream

I try

I hope

I am (repeat line)

Now, I’m sure you guys are all thinking, “this is going to be really hard”, but it is actually sooooo easy. Here is my poem to give you a few ideas: I am a Reader

Hope you enjoy making them!

If you do end up writing an ‘I am Poem’, I would love to hear them!




2 thoughts on “What ARE You?

  1. Hi Ruby,
    This post is so nice and simple. I had a read of your poem and I love it! It was so clever and easy to read. There wouldn’t be anything I would change about it. To be completely honest with you, your blog posts never disappoint. You always include the detail, and leave out the boring parts. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Well Ruby that is a great poem to almost end the year on, just beautiful.
    I hope your life will be just as adventurous as you want it to be and take you to the places of your dreams – but please tell the words to stop swirling in your head by 9pm or you will be too tired for adventures!

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