An Eggy Puzzle . . .

What is a Tangram? 

A tangram is a puzzle in which the person with the tangrams tells a story using the 7 pieces. It is a very old puzzle, and the original tangrams are put together to make a square. There are now lot’s of different types of tangram puzzles all over the world, some forming the shapes of triangles, some forming the shapes of stars. All of the pieces put together make an animal to tell a story.  Tangrams originated from China, and became very popular throughout  the world during WW1.

Above and below are the original tangram pieces and the animals they can form.

Egg Of Columbus Puzzle

The Egg of Columbus puzzle is another tangram, this time forming the shape of an egg when put together. It is divided into 9 pieces, (not 7!), by straight cuts. You can make 6 tangram pictures with it but also many more. Here is a picture of it and the puzzles you can make:

What We Did

Since the first week back, grade 5B have been focusing on the Egg of Columbus tangram. We have been spending endless sessions trying to work out how to rearrange the puzzle pieces to form the shapes shown above. It has been very tricky, because there was surprisingly  a lot of maths involved. We had to flip, slide and turn the puzzle pieces to fit in order to complete the task. In other words, (and more mathematical words!), we had to rotate, translate AND reflect!

Here is one of the solutions I have manages to find:

tangram solution


My Reflection

I think I did really well in this task because I managed to complete all six of the puzzles with a little help from Miss Hunichen and a few of my class mates. I had to persist and strive for accuracy to complete this problem. Here is a link to a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reflection that I have made: Tangrams Reflection 54321

Enjoy this link to a game I found on the internet:

For 5B – How many tangram puzzles did you find? 

Did you have any help?





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