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Guess what! I have had my bog for two terms! It has flown past so quickly that I can’t even remember what grade 5B did at the start of term 2. I was so happy to finally have my own blog, but then I realized that it was going to be really hard work, because you had to keep up with all your work! Today I have gone back in time to try and recreate our learning in term to into a blog post in term 4. So here goes!

The Blogging Rubric:

Earlier on in the year, grade 5B got into groups of 3 or 4 to cut and paste some examples of blogging into their right category. I was with Eliza, Bec, Ruby and I and we worked together really well. If you look back through all of my blog posts, you’ll come across one that explains a lot about this activity. We got it done really quickly and it was so fun to do. Here is a link to the post that I have previously put up:

After That:

Since we created that rubric, I have been trying to reach expert blogger by informing my readers, adding images and pictures, making sure my blog is easy to navigate, and by putting in links. I have almost achieved my goal and I am in between accomplished blogger and expert blogger. Here is my link to my evidence Word document: Evidence Document

Here is my rubric criteria sheet:

Grade 5 Blogging Criteria Sheet

How Many Times Do I Post?

Going back through my blog, I have found that I post an average of 5.2 blog posts a month!

In May I posted 3 times,

In June I posted 4 times,

In July I posted 6 times,

In August I posted 5 times,

In September I posted 6 times,

And in October, I posted 5 times!

 Mum or Dad, how would you rate me as a blogger?

What do you think my blogging achievements are this year?


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