Too Hot!

All students form grades 3 – 6 at my school participated in Orienteering. We hopped into the buses and headed off to Tony Clark reserve. Unfortunately, the schools picked a boiling hot day to do it on, and it was 30 degrees! When we got there, there were already 3 other schools on the oval. We sat down on a grassy bit of the oval and a teacher from one of the other schools came over to talk to us. He told us what the Orienteering markers looked like, and what we would do if we got lost. Then we all got into groups and picked a map to start with.

I was with Bec and Ruby. There were 15 markers that we had to find on the map we had chosen, number twelve. We agreed to do 5 each, and Bec started. By the time we got to number 4 on the map, we were heading into the forest. There were pine trees everywhere! We made sure we stuck to the tracks, but we didn’t have to worry about getting lost, because there were people coming past on the tracks every few minutes. There were motor bikes, cars, and even a horse and cart!

After we finished number 6, I saw my friends from Macedon Grammar go past. I waved to them, and their names were Ellie and Sarah. Ellie used to go to my school, and I know Sarah from Gymnastics training. When it was my go, I realized that the orange markers that hung on trees, on fences and around buildings had sharp points, to pierce the paper and leave a pattern.

When we had finally finished all of the numbers, and we had gotten used to the heat, (almost), we sat down in the shade with Gemma, Vic and Kim. Everyone was sitting down within the hour and then our school decided to leave.

3 thoughts on “Too Hot!

  1. Sound like you enjoyed the afternoon, Ruby. But you’re keeping me in suspense: did you find all the markers for map 12? Did you have any trouble reading directions on the compass and relating these to what you could see on the map?
    Love Mum

    • Hi Mum,
      I really did enjoy the afternoon! It would have been so much better if it wasn’t so hot, though. I did find all the markers in map 12, but sometimes when we were a bit stuck, we just went up to the closest one and stamped it. We didn’t have a compass, because we knew where north was; we could see Mt Macedon!
      Love Ruby 🙂

      • Hi Ruby
        It was unfortunately really hot for orienteering 🙁 We seem to always get it wrong as last year the weather was pretty ordinary and the ground was very wet and muddy. What do you think you would prefer, cold and rainy or hot and muggy?? I liked the hot weather but then unlike you I was sitting still instead of running around. I found the following video on orienteering, have a look and let me know what you think;
        Miss Hunichen

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