Super Sports!

“Any minute now, we can’t be that far off!”

“I’m boiling hot!”

“Wait in line and be patient, grade 5’s!”

Aaarggghh! I hope we’re there soon, it is really hot and my hat is sticking to my head!

All the grade 5’s and 6’s were lining up on the outside of the gym, waiting to go in for Coach Approach. Coach Approach is a fun athletic thing that our school does. They get some coaches from different sports in to teach us about them. This year we had hip hop, soccer, handball, basketball, tiquando and Frisbee.

We started at hip hop, which was taking place in Mrs Kanes room. It was really fun and we learnt how to do the helicopter and a short routine. Miss Hunichen was even taking photos, but I’m pretty sure the boys weren’t too happy about that.

After hip hop, we did basketball. We got into teams of two, and I was with Ruby W. We got challenges and the first one was to dribble the ball up and down the gym. It was really challenging!

After that we did Frisbee, then soccer, then tiquando, and finally handball. It was the best!

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