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In class this week, we have been learning about dialogue, used in conversation. One of the activities we have done today was when Miss Hunichen gave us a picture and we had to write a short story about it. Most of the writing had to be in dialogue, but we were allowed to set the scene. Here is my masterpiece:

Every ball in the playground was whizzing over trees and the wind was howling like a pack of wolfs. A group of school kids had gathered around in a circle, all looking and watching two kids who were arguing.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t want your dirty germs!”

“Well, stay away from me then,” the girl replied.

“Why can’t you just mind your own business!”

Suddenly, a girl from the crowd stepped in and started cheering.

“Fight, fight, fight!” The crowd roared.

More children evacuated the swings and the monkey bars.

“Fight, fight, fight!”

James looked Sophie directly in the eyes, and they slowly started circling each other.

“Come on, are you going to do anything or what?” James shouted.

“Uh, um, I don’t really want to . . .” Sophie trailed off.

“”Fight, fight, fight!” The crowd was getting bigger, louder and then . . .

“OUCH!” Sophie cried. Right then a teacher, Mrs Metrovic, stepped in and broke up the fight.

“Everyone is to go to the gym NOW!” She announced.

While we were reading Wonder, (our class novel), we also wrote a conversation that we predicted would happen between two of the characters, Via and Miranda. Here is mine:

She looked at me in the mirror. “Why are you doing this, Miranda?”

“Your family are here in the audience, Via,” I murmured. “They’re there for you and they WANT to watch you.

“What do you mean Miranda, you parents are there as well”, Via answered.

“No they’re not! You don’t understand, Via!” Miranda yelled back.

“What don’t I understand, Miranda?” Via asked.

“You don’t get it, my parents are divorced, and my mum and dad don’t even care about me anymore!” Miranda explained with tears forming in her eyes and Via could tell she was trying not to cry.

“I’m sorry, Miranda.”

“No, I should be sorry”, Miranda corrected, “I can’t believe I said all those things about you!” Your’re lucky to have a brother like Augie”, Miranda said, “I wish I had a family like yours.”

“Well, what things did you say about me then,” Via asked. A long silence followed.

“I . . . I kind of told everyone at camp that I had a deformed brother. I don’t know why, I just did. It transferred me into some sort of popular girl and I don’t even have an explanation for why I died my hair pink.”

“Hurry up now girls! Via, you’re supposed to be on stage in 2 minutes!” Mr Davenport screeched at them.



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