Colourful Cars!

Over the past few weeks, all of the grade 5’s at my school have been working on a maths investigation. Our maths investigation was focused on the most popular car colour. We made a word document and wrote  heading, typed up our prediction and then said why we thought that. The next day, we all lined up outside our class rooms, and walked across the road and down to the train station. We carried our maths books with us, and we had drawn up a table to show our tallies. We tallied the cars that were parked along the street, the cars that were driving past and the cars that were at the train station parks. We worked in pairs, and I was with Chloe. Chloe is really good at maths, so I liked working with her. We both made sure we had exactly the same, so when we got back to school we counted them up. White was the most popular on our tally, with 87 cars. The total number of cars we tallied was 400! The rest of the work that me and Chloe did is on this word document: Car Colours – hope you enjoy it!

train statio cars

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