My Curious Class. . .

While Miss Hunichen was away, each day we had to spend some time working on a class investigation. We surveyed everyone and asked them some questions such as; ‘Would you rather?’ or ‘What do you like better?’ Some of mine were birthdays, hobbies, monsters vs aliens, ice cream flavours and fast food. Then what we had to do was put the information in a tally on power point, and then make a pie graph on excel. We put the pie graph onto the power point and then created a final sentence. We also had to work out what the percentage was, and show our working out. I thought it was really fun and interesting to find out what people liked, but it was tricky to transfer the information from check lists to computers. Here is a link to my power point presentation, and I hope you enjoy it!

Class Investigation

One thought on “My Curious Class. . .

  1. Dear Ruby,
    WOW your blog is really good. Your posts are up to date and they are very descriptive. I saw your power point it was really good and it had all the details on it. I really liked the background and it was easy to navigate. The thing I liked most bout it is that in everything you showed had an example of how to find the percentage. Keep up all the good work! 🙂

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