Pat Farmer … Who?

Now, i’ll bet you’re wondering who on earth Pat Farmer is?

Is he a swimmer?

Is he a ruler?

Is he a skydiver?

Well, I’m going to tell you that he isn’t any of these things. Pat Farmer is an ultra – marathon athlete. He came to our school and told us about his journey. It was a really motivational presentation, and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we were not allowed to bring notepads to write down facts, because there were a lot of interesting things.


  • He was born on the 14th of March 1962.
  • He is an ultra-marathon athlete.
  • He is also a motivational speaker, and former Australian politician
  • Between April 2011 and January 2012, he successfully completed the world’s longest ultra-marathon.
  • It was a “Pole to Pole Run” from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  • He raised $100,000 for Red Cross International.
  • He did a 20 – day Middle East run for peace.
  • He has run around Australia and North America twice.
  • He established fastest Around Australia Long Run Record of continuous running in 191 days and 10 minutes.

He did a Big Red Run through the Australia’s Simpson Desert.

Some questions I had after the talk were:

  • Why did he raise the money for Red Cross International?
  • Who gave him the money?
  • How many days did he get to rest?
  • Why is he now a motivational speaker?
  • What countries did he run past?
  • Did he meet lots of new people?
  • Why was he a marathon runner?
  • Why did he run the ultra-marathon?
  • Did he go to different countries to run?
  • Did he write the book?
  • What inspired him to become a motivational speaker?
  • What did it feel like to become the achiever of the year?

Pole to Pole Run:

The pole to pole run is a 5 stage run through all different countries. The first stage is the Arctic and that is a 750 kilometer ice trek. There were 3 other people running with him in this period, and they were Eric Phillips (Expedition Leader), Jose M. Naranjo(Camera), Clark Carter (Satellite Video Uplink). Stage two was Canada to Panama, which was 11 744 kilometer road run. The journey was from Radisson, Quebec, via USA, Mexico, Central America to Southern Panama. This was a 15 person team. Stage three was Darein Jungle that was 250 kilometer jungle trek. This was very dangerous because it was where the drug dealers hide out and transfer  drugs. Pat Farmer had 20 armed security soldiers. Stage 4 was through South America that was 9693 kilometers long. This was a 6 person team with TV interviewers along the way. Stage 5 was Antarctica that was a trek across ice until he go to the South Pole.

Vietnam Run:

Pat ran the length of Vietnam which 3000 kilometers across that took 40 days. He started o the 9th of December in 2012. Pat Farmer was running the equivalent of two marathons a day for 40 days. Pat embarked on a 3,000km run from North Vietnam to South Vietnam to fundraise for Red Cross. He was joined on the journey by his running partner and Vietnamese National Mai Nguyen Dinh Huy.

Middle East:

Pat ran the Middle East run in 20 days, starting on the 1st of May and finishing on the 20th. Everyone had the opportunity to run for peace with Pat. The goals for this run were:

To inspire and strengthen the resolve of Jewish and Arab people who want peace by showing one man’s effort to overcome obstacles.
To bring together sport and peace NGOs for one Sport for Peace event.
To promote the positive values of sport – Sport empowers children and teaches values of inclusiveness, tolerance, responsibility and non-violence.
To show the unique and beautiful tourist attractions of these 4 countries – there will be a documentary film crew with regular TV feed on the route.

Does anyone else know any other interesting facts

If so, please leave me a comment with your fact.


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