3 Little Piggies

Today we are celebrating Book Week at our school. My friends and I had been planning this for ages! We all came to school wearing pink clothes because we were the three little pigs! Unfortunately, I had to ride to school, so I had to put my pig hat and my tail on afterwards. Mrs Cruickshank was even dressed as the cat in the hat!

On Wednesday, we also helped the grade ones have fun in Book Week by bringing in blankets and books. In one of the other grade 5 rooms, we grabbed a table or some chairs each, and built a cubby. I collected three chairs and put my blankets over the top. It was really fun, and I think my grade 1 buddy really enjoyed my books, the 13 Story Tree House. Here you can read the book onine:  http://www.speakaboos.com/story/the-three-little-pigs

pig hat 1

pig hat 2



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