Two Choices

Part 1

When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. This sentence means that nature makes things perfect, but things go wrong when it is disrupted by others outside nature’s control. Where is the natural order of things in my son? This is a question asked by a father, and I understand it to mean that why did nature mess up, and where is the perfection in my son? An opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way that other people treat that child. True human nature means the way you think, feel, behave or act. So then you should be kind to people who are disabled because then they might feel more confident in them self’s. The next day, the father was walking in the park with his son, Shay. They saw group playing baseball and Shay asked his father whether or not he thought they would let him play. The father was doubtful, but walked up to one of the boys and asked. His team was losing the game, so the boy agreed. Shay was ecstatic to just be in the game, even though no balls came his way. Next he was going to bat! I predict that in Part 2 the baseball team players are going to let him bat because they were kind enough to let Shay play in the first place. Their team was losing anyway, so they needed all the chance and help they could get. I also think that he is going to lead them to victory, and he will become popular as the guy who won the baseball game, and not the guy with the disability.

Part 2

Shay was given the bat, and everyone thought that it was impossible for him to hit the ball, however, as the pitcher stepped I to bowl, he remembered why the team had given up their chance to win. He threw the ball softly towards Shay, and on the second try, Shay hit it. Everyone yelled “run to first, run to first!” And he did. It was the furthest he had ever run in his life, but he made it. Soon the opposition players were all making silly mistakes so that Shay could be the hero. As Shay stepped on the home plate, he was surrounded by cheers. He had won the game! This story links to Wonder by the precept “when given the choice of being right or being kind, choose kind.” The boys on both the baseball teams had chosen to make Shay’s day, and not focus on winning the game. It also connects with Wonder because Shay had disabilities as well. When I was reading the first part of the story, I was feeling sorry for the father because he was feeling sad for his son. In the other four paragraphs on that page, I was feeling happy because the baseball team let him play. I was on the edge of my seat when Shay went up to bat because I didn’t want him to drop the ball and make everyone feel disappointed. I felt like my heart had just sunk when I read that Shay had died that winter, but it was good that he had that to remember.

What did the rest of 5B think of this story?

What were your predictions?

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